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If you have a group that would be interested in one of Margaret’s classes at a different location?
Call (249) 359-8886 to enquire about courses outside Margaret’s studio.

In studio Workshops with artist Margaret Ferraro

Unless specified, all workshops are taught at the home/studio of Margaret Ferraro

Margaret's own artwork focuses on the figure and landscape. Drawing in pencil, conte, charcoal and pastel, Margaret believes in a strong foundation in the basics. Margaret offers drawing classes from beginner to advanced, specializing in figure drawing. Margaret offers courses in pastel, many are suitable for intermediate to advanced students, as well as ongoing open studios.

If you are interested in one of these classes, contact Marg at marg.ferraro@gmail.com

To register, contact Margaret Ferraro, MPAC, at (249) 359-8886 or by e-mail at marg.ferraro@gmail.com. Payment is due when student registers. Printed brochures on Margaret's classes are also available upon request.

All life drawing classes are limited to
7 students at Margaret's home studio.

Please register for workshops you know you can take, and are serious about. Canceling your registration for a workshop with more than 30 days before the workshop will not cost you anything. Cancellation within 30 days will cost you 50% of the workshop fee. Canceling within 10 days of a workshop will cost you 100% of the workshop fee.

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Open Studio resumes winter session #1
.... Studio location, Kinburn, Ottawa

Jan. 5/12/19/26 -- 9:30am-12:30pm

Open studio is free time to come draw or paint, converse with other creatives, and get one on one guidance from Margaret.

4 classes in this first session of 2017 $95.00+hst
To register, e-mail Margaret: marg.ferraro@gmail.com

Introduction to Pastels.... Studio location, Kinburn, Ottawa
Jan. 7 & 8 -- 10am-4pm

Back by constant demand, come get the rust out, or learn for the first time how to use pastel in a multitude of ways, how to layer, mix colours right on your surface, observe the pastel work of many, and generally have a great artistic adventure. We study application techniques, the important of pressure, value, and how to work with several types of pastels in conjunction with each other.

Cost of this workshop $150.00+hst
To register, e-mail Margaret: marg.ferraro@gmail.com

Introduction to Life Drawing.... Studio location, Kinburn, Ottawa
Jan. 9-11 -- 9am-3pm

Learn how to put "life" into your drawing. In this workshop, you will learn exactly what gesture is, how to use it skillfully, so as to express, and have energy in your artwork. You will also learn how to approach drawing the figure in any position whatsoever, with a consistent approach, utilizing new skills to draw in proportion and implying dimension.

Cost of this workshop is $195.00+hst
To register, contact Margaret: marg.ferraro@gmail.com



Winter Landscape a la Group of 7 and their contemporaries
February 13-17 - Location: 121 Centre St., Thornhill

We start this week of winter landscape study at the former home of JEH MacDonald, one on the ground breaking members of the group of seven. We'll be reviewing technique and figuring out how "they" did it, in so many different ways, and then, do it ourselves! Next day, we'll be meeting at the renowned Arts and Letters Club, where we'll have a tour of the building, the library and discuss/study the winter landscape of the members of this historical group. We'll be lunching in the lamp room at the Arts and Letters Club. We then head over to visit the AGO, to observe winter landscape paintings of those who came before us, and what they did. We'll be taking some time to study value range and pallette temperature in these paintings. But before we leave the AGO, I have arranged a special private viewing in the Prints and Drawing dept., of thumbnails and other drawings of winter landscape by the group of seven and their contemporaries. We will then be taking our learning back to MacDonald House in Thornhill for the rest of the week, applying what we have learnt and working in the comfort of this artists home. Studio or plein air, whatever you prefer.

Cost of this workshop is $350.00+hst, and includes your admission to the AGO, lunch and tour at the arts and letters club, and painting workshop at Macdonald house Wed.-Fri.

For more information, or to register for this workshop, contact Margaret at marg.ferraro@gmail.com

Introduction to Pastel Level 1

10:30-4:30pm. daily
Saturday February 18 and Sunday February 19
- Location: 121 Centre St., Thornhill

In this workshop you will study several application techniques, the importance of using different pastels in conjunction with each other, layering, pressure, working dark to light. We'll do a little colour theory, and then I will take you through the process of choosing a pallette and how to set everything up for your own independent painting, start to finish.

Cost of this workshop $160.00+hst
To register, contact Margaret at marg.ferraro@gmail.com

Introduction to Pastel level 2

9:30-3:30 pm. daily
Saturday February 18 and Sunday February 19
- Location: 121 Centre St., Thornhill

This is a continuation of level 1, you will work from independent study boards,(see above) that address many issues confronting my students today: how to draw in pastel, a tree, a bush, a flower. How to convey light on water, how to paint a sunset, etc. These study boards are a result of the many requests students have asked of me, and they've become very popular. Independent work is also possible here.

Cost of this workshop is $160.00+hst
To register, contact Margaret: marg.ferraro@gmail.com


Open Studio winter session #2.... Studio location, Kinburn, Ottawa

February 23, March 2/9/16/23/30
9:30 am.-12:30 pm. in studio Kinburn

Open studio is free time to come draw or paint, converse with other creatives, and get one on one guidance from Margaret.

Cost of this session is $145.00+hst

These workshops are being held simultaneously at
July 10-14/2017

For more information on the workshops themselves, contact marg.ferraro@gmail.com. To find out where to stay, how to register, or anything else, contact Halliburton school of the Arts at hsta.ca

Pastel painting Introductory ARTS1100

This course begins with a thorough introduction to pastel supplies and their many application techniques . Study each technique separately, first by example, then by demonstration, resulting in the creation of a sample booklet of different pastel mixing techniques . Utilize the proper techniques to keep a clear palette, control values, and layer pigment to create the luminous and rich quality of this medium . Instruction will familiarize you with different types of pastels, how to use them in conjunction with each other, and the most beneficial way of achieving impact with the medium . Basic colour theory is addressed while taking inventory not only of the colours you have, but how to mix the ones you don’t have . Learn the traditional technique for setting up a painting with a value sketch using a limited, then an expanded palette . Individual studies of many popular subjects such as trees, bushes, flowers, fruits, skies, and water will be covered .

Pastel Painting Intermediate ARTS1759

Please note: This course is not suitable for beginners. Please contact marg.ferraro@gmail.com for advice about what level to sign up for.

Upon assessment of your current skill level and clarification of your goals, increasingly complex exercises will address colour mixing, technique development, value studies, composition, and studio and on-location organization . Engage in an interesting colour theory exercise using intuition to choose your palettes and then compare to colour theory . Under- painting will be discussed and used by personal choice . Build a body of work that reflects your intuitive palette, with minor variances . Individual critiques for personal artistic growth will be part of the instructional process .

Art Holidays.... 2017



Back to Tuscany, with Chirrposa retreats.

August 19-September 2/2017
If you are interested in our first FREE presentation on this plein air painting trip, please contact me at marg.ferraro@gmail.com

This time we are starting in Florence, a most stately city full of art and beauty. We'll be heading south from there to our beloved Le Piannore, a painting at every turn, chalk full of cypress trees, small medieval towns nearby, the best Italian cuisine anyone you could imagine, another cooking lesson from Angus, a fabulous large pool to lounge around, daily critiques, vernissage in our studio at the end of our time there, topped off with three days on the Cinque Terre. Do not hesitate and be disappointed!
Early birds receive a discount!

And if that doesn't sound enticing,.....just take a look at this: https://vimeo.com/195667298
For more information contact marg.ferraro@gmail.com

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